Spy On A Cell Phone And See Someone's Texts With This Easy Trick!

Published: 26th April 2012
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So let's dive right into how you can spy on a cell phone. You download a software program onto a cell phone - it's as simple as that!

Once it is on your target's phone (this can be a child, spouse, or employer/employee), it will be undetectable and invisible. The person will not know it's there. You will be able to monitor the person's activity without having your cover blown.

Text Messages Text messaging is increasing in popularity amongst cell phone users. This is especially true among teenaged cell phone users. Why call a friend when texting works just as well?

Text messages can range from just a regular conversation and sending pictures, to more explicit material. If you want to spy on a cell phone that belongs to your child, it is good to download monitoring software specific to phones.

This can help you to really see what your child is talking about. After the software is downloaded, go to the personal website you are given to see what is truly going on between your child and someone else. Even though messages can be deleted from the phone, they and any pictures can still be viewed.

Call and Contact Information

It is Friday night and your daughter wants to go out with her friends. She tells you they are just going to the mall, eat dinner, and go to the movies. You are alright with it, but you make sure she knows she is to keep in touch throughout the evening.

She agrees and heads out the door. She called once between the time she left and returned to the house. This does not settle too well with you and you decide to put cell monitoring software on the cell phone you have been hearing so much about. The beauty of it is you can monitor your child whenever you want.

GPS Tracking

You have heard of cars having GPS. Now, there are cell phones with it. You cannot watch your child 24/7, especially if they are old enough to go out on their own with friends. But you can keep track of your son's whereabouts when you are not around. Just check your personal website to see where he or shehas been. You will find the timestamps of his locations. This is really important if your child is abducted or runs away. With this information, you can give police an idea of where to start looking.

Email Messages

You decide to spy on a cell phone of your employee. In fact, you have put it on all of their business cell phones. Make sure the phones are being used for their intended purpose. You may save your business if you catch an email an employee has sent or received. They could be hurting your company if you find out they are embezzling money from it or sending business elsewhere.

URL Browsing History

You can keep an eye on your child's, spouse, or employee's internet surfing by spyware. This will let you know if they are going to sites they are not supposed to be going to or even if your spouse is cheating on you with another by chatting over the internet. This gives you more details than your monthly cell phone bill can give you about data usage as well.

It can be a good idea to spy on a cell phone. It can result in your child being safe, finding out whether or not your spouse is true to you, or catching an employee stealing from your business. You will be able to get the answers you seek by spying on a cell phone using cell phone monitoring software.


Using cellphone monitoring software is a great way of finding out what someone else is up to. It's easy to use and very effective.

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